About Us

Welcome to Oakleigh Sandra Boutique!

My boutique is named after my granddaughter, Oakleigh Sandra, or Princess Oakleigh as I so often refer to her. In remembrance of my mother, who passed away in 2009, Oakleigh carries my mother’s name as her middle name as a tribute to her eternal love for her children and grandchildren. While none of my grandchildren came to know my mother, she lives on in the stories we share with them. I mentioned that I have more than one grandchild, however, we were blessed to have just the one girl. We have a total of seven grandchildren and they are my world, but there is nothing quite like having a Princess in the family, especially when she’s the one and only. The boys all adore her and cater to her every desire. Unlike me, my daughter never cared for the ruffles, lace and sparkles. From the time she was able to say no, she began expressing her dislike for dresses and anything too frilly. Though Oakleigh has my daughter’s stubbornness and strong-willed personality, she’s also been blessed to have my keen sense of style and love for all things that sparkle and shine. When deciding on a name for my boutique, I knew I wanted to include her in some way and in doing so, I am also including my mother.

I am a Licensed Master Social Worker by trade. While being a social worker feeds my soul and gives me purpose, my ultimate dream has been to one day own a boutique. When my daughter was a teenager, it was often a struggle to find the “right” dress or outfit for events. We would travel far and wide in search of the ever elusive ensemble. Fast forward to me going back to school to earn my Masters degree in Social Work. It was then that I began using online shopping as a way to unwind and destress. As a little girl, I always loved the time I spent shopping with my mother but when I was introduced to online shopping, my love for shopping took on a whole new meaning. Recently, I began working for the school district as a school social worker. Due to the time allotted to me because of my current work schedule, I thought, why not now? It has taken me several years to turn this dream of mine into a reality but I can honestly say, that while it has not been without its struggles and late nights, I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

With every purchase I make for the boutique, I envision my family and friends’ likes and dislikes. I buy items with each of them in mind. I want to offer you a selection of women’s clothing at an affordable price that is trendy, yet classy and is sure to take you from the ballfields to the office. I will also carry a small selection of girls’ clothing in sizes 2-6t. As our Princess grows, so will the girl’s clothing line. As a bonus, when you visit my boutique, you will also find an assortment of custom accessories and gifts. Many of these items are made with love by some of my dear friends as well as items you are not going to find at every other boutique in town. My goal is to give you a unique shopping experience that will leave you with wanting to come back for more. I hope you find something that you love and makes you feel special. I look forward to meeting you and want to thank you for shopping with us.